space race requacker

Thu, 2 Jan 2003 18:45:24 -0500 (EST)

fast cars, men on mars, dollar bills in tittie bars

Welcome to 2003

And now, The Red Planet, or How I Sopted Worrying And Learned To Love Da

Seems the yellow horde is aimed to strak to the stars and then head on out
to mars. So much for manifest destiny and McD's on the moon.

I spen a day at the Kenedy Space Center last week while doing the fmaily
thing in FLA. If any one place shows the failure of the US of Aholes over
the last few decades its there. You have to look back to see any progress
and any look forward is IMAX SIZED disney pewp.

What is done to the past there shouldnt happen to a dawg, ya see gee?
There I am sitting in the place where the Applo missions were worked on,
in the very structre that folks pulled off the amazing feat of putting
humans on the moon...and im munching on stale 4$ pizza while some NYC
yentas are complaing how much moeny we spent "..on those big ugly rocket
things. Do you want more diet coke?"


I grew up in the middle of a dream made real and latter realized it was a
moment, a blaze , a breif and shinning puff of unappreciated effort.

Then again, does it matter that the Red Party hits the red sands before
the Dept Of Marsland InSecurity (where in all transmitions will be taxed
by the Dept of RIAA and each image only viable on Pay per View Set Top
DMCA Boxes)

"..tell me whys everything gota be so complicated" AL
"You ever feel cheated" JR
"Oh its true, its damn true" KA

Bang bang...Have a Nice day   MF