Wifi Highway - could this work?

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Thu, 02 Jan 2003 20:53:31 -0800

Two things: how can you setup a wifi network
that's not password protected?

Second, I wouldn't wait for Wifi to hit the
highways.  W-CDMA will be here long before
and far more ubiquitous. 


Centralized wins out again. 


Jeff Barr wrote:
> Ok FoRKers, tell me why this wouldn't work, or why it would, or better yet,
> who can do this.
> I think it would be really cool to have low cost high bandwidth connectivity
> in my car, while driving. From the mundane but highly effective peer-to-peer
> speed trap information network to streamed audio of my choice to detailed
> traffic and routing info, to vocal IM with fellow travelers, there's got to be
> a killer app (no jokes about crashing due to distraction from this) in here
> somewhere.
> Even cooler, it would be better if this were an open service and not metered
> or regulated into the "expensive luxury" category.
> Last month I found that a neighbor had inadvertently hooked up to my
> WiFi network (its secured now :-). I later walked my neighborhood using a
> WiFi-equipped PocketPC and found 6 other networks within a 10 minute
> walk. In one spot I "saw" 4 networks simultaneously. This tells me that
> WiFi is catching on quickly, at least up here in Redmond near Microsoft.
> So, here's the big idea. What if I WiFi-equipped my car and a bunch of
> other commuters did likewise? Would it be possible to dynamically form
> a network from all of these cars and have car-to-car connectivity? Imagine
> some kind of cheap subscription service to pay for wired-to-WiFi bandwidth
> at some convenient choke points. Sponsorship could also be used.
> Clearly there is some minimum number of equipped cars that would be needed
> to form a peer network. Given the wide open nature of most highways,
> I wonder what this would be. If 1 out of 100 commuters on a particular
> highway had a car-top WiFi antenna, would this be a good start?
> Does anyone else find the possibilities intriguing? Is anyone working on
> anything like this? I want it!
> Thoughts?
> Jeff;
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