bits on Will Wright, designer of Sim*

Rohit Khare
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 04:25:39 -0800

I loved some of the coverage at gamespot: (a 1999 interview, 
about all the great books he's been inspired by) ; (corporate history -- company 
undone by going public) ; and (a great 
pre-launch peek at the Sims Online).

It took a lot more digging to find that Maxis wasn't derived by 
reversing "six am" -- amazingly, there's only one hit on the matter in 
all of google! (will name maxis "six am" backwards -cheat)
> [Will] says, Maxis was started by Jeff Braun and myself and a few 
> others that didn't stay with the company very long. Jeff's father came 
> up with the name. Jeff had a number of rules that the name had to 
> pass.... It had to be less than 7 letters, contain a x,z or q and mean 
> nothing. It also spells six AM backwards which we thought was cool.

Unfortunately, I'm waay too lazy to cut-n-past from the 40-50 html 
pages all that content is broken up into, and will only lament that I 
haven't a better FoRKexpress :-)