Wifi Highway - could this work?

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Fri, 03 Jan 2003 07:42:04 -0800

One of my college jobs was doing some
consulting work for the Department of Transportation
for an engineer that was doing collision and
blind spot detection using bumper mounted radar.
Neat stuff.  All I had to do was drive my motorcycle
around a car at a whole bunch of different speeds
while he measured everything.  Some of the other
holy grail projects they had were:

    o hundreds of people die in car crashes each year
      from falling asleep in their vehicle along long
      stretches of highway.  They wanted some type of
      reactive electronics or paint that could send a
      warning signal to the car that it was going to crash.
    o hundreds of hours are wasted every year with shipping
      because many packages, large or small, containers or
      single, sit around waiting to be sorted.  Like the
      last mile networking problem, there's a last mile
      delivery problem.  They wanted to be able to walk
      into a room or container, select a destinaiton and
      have all the packages tell them where they are going,
      and even further, visibly alert the person where they
      were including being buried under a few other boxes--which
      is typically how packages get mis-shipped. 

Jeff could probably get a pretty good sized DoT grant. 


Justin Mason wrote:
> Gregory Alan Bolcer said:
> > Second, I wouldn't wait for Wifi to hit the
> > highways.  W-CDMA will be here long before
> > and far more ubiquitous.
> Talking of "Wifi Highway", that reminds me of an idea a friend had:
> networking over conductive paint on the road surface.
> If this paint was inobtrusive enough, you might even get a reasonably
> "good enough" network by spraying from a moving vehicle.... now *that's*
> guerrilla networking!  or graffiti networking?
> --j.