Wifi Highway - could this work?

Bill Kearney Bill Kearney" <wkearney99@hotmail.com
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 10:50:23 -0500

The buffering being the relevant aspect to consider.  WiFi isn't going to be
ubiquitous anytime soon.  And even then, contrary to what people want to
believe, it's not going to give you fast connections if everyone's saturating
it.  So using the concepts discussed for interplanetary involving low data rate,
windows of connectivity (planets rotate out of alignment) and retransmission do
seem relevant.  Granted, the interplanetary network, barring accidents, would
have a much higher degree of predictability than a roaming wifi user.  Gobs of
mathematics, talk about routing woes!

It seems an awful lot of p2p development is making assumptions about the
ubiquity of connectivity.  Try commuting with a laptop on high speed and
underground trains and you'll really discover how poorly stream-like
applications perform.  I'm not saying wireless won't be built out.  I'm
suggesting that the techniques used for handling difficult connectivity are in
need of a bit more research at the user-device level.

-Bill Kearney

> No, it's a completely different design space. The network connectivity is
> basically constant, it's just your signal is weak and/or data rate is low,
> and ACKs can have seconds to hours (days, in future) latency. You have to
> treat the ether as packet buffer, which mostly involves redundant
> transmission instead of ACKing all the time and retransmit when a packet
> is garbled.

> > http://www.ipnsig.org/