Wifi Highway - could this work?

Reza B'Far (eBuilt) rbfar@ebuilt.com
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 08:55:21 -0800

I agree with Greg and one more thing:

If you look at protocols such as CDMA and W-CDMA, there is particular
attention paid to the fact that people are moving.

Let's assume there are two cars on the road, distance x apart where x >
max_wifi_reach.  Now, they can form a network once x < max_wifi_reach.  If
they are moving in opposite directions at say 20 miles an hour, you only
have a window of a few seconds to form a network and then leave that network
to join another network.

I'm not sure how possible it is to form a network and get a few meaningful
transactions through during the small time-window that may be available for
short-range type networks.  There has to be a hell of a lot of computing
going on for ad-hoc networking when you're going in and out of so many
networks.  I also wonder if the security problem will compound this
(performance, etc.)... Finally, I think this would cause some real problems
in implementing application layer protocols such as Http, etc.

I'd be interested to hear if folk think that these problems can be
circumvented reasonably.

Reza B'Far

PS:  It's nice to see more technical discussions... beats the hell of the
long political threads ;-)  (no flame mail for this please).

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Two things: how can you setup a wifi network
that's not password protected?

Second, I wouldn't wait for Wifi to hit the
highways.  W-CDMA will be here long before
and far more ubiquitous.


Centralized wins out again.


Jeff Barr wrote:
> Ok FoRKers, tell me why this wouldn't work, or why it would, or better
> who can do this.
> I think it would be really cool to have low cost high bandwidth
> in my car, while driving. From the mundane but highly effective
> speed trap information network to streamed audio of my choice to detailed
> traffic and routing info, to vocal IM with fellow travelers, there's got
to be
> a killer app (no jokes about crashing due to distraction from this) in
> somewhere.
> Even cooler, it would be better if this were an open service and not
> or regulated into the "expensive luxury" category.
> Last month I found that a neighbor had inadvertently hooked up to my
> WiFi network (its secured now :-). I later walked my neighborhood using a
> WiFi-equipped PocketPC and found 6 other networks within a 10 minute
> walk. In one spot I "saw" 4 networks simultaneously. This tells me that
> WiFi is catching on quickly, at least up here in Redmond near Microsoft.
> So, here's the big idea. What if I WiFi-equipped my car and a bunch of
> other commuters did likewise? Would it be possible to dynamically form
> a network from all of these cars and have car-to-car connectivity? Imagine
> some kind of cheap subscription service to pay for wired-to-WiFi bandwidth
> at some convenient choke points. Sponsorship could also be used.
> Clearly there is some minimum number of equipped cars that would be needed
> to form a peer network. Given the wide open nature of most highways,
> I wonder what this would be. If 1 out of 100 commuters on a particular
> highway had a car-top WiFi antenna, would this be a good start?
> Does anyone else find the possibilities intriguing? Is anyone working on
> anything like this? I want it!
> Thoughts?
> Jeff;
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