Wifi Highway - could this work?

Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 13:52:20 -0500 (EST)

I think for many folks the scope and creep of use is not in the car or on
a train spewing bits across several hundreds miles an hour, its far more
contained and maintained.

for instance, at the Portland Personal Telco Project we are delvinginto
the Metro Area Network as the big picture with the Nieghborhood Area
Network as the imediate goal. Walking around a nieghborhood, having your
sesion follow you across the nodes and APs that make up the NAN and
then moving the boarder out to the MAN scope...that  sort of thing. Its
still off a bits as folks, even the "geek" edge, are  still working on
comfortable solutions to the NAN.

Seattle Wirelss is actualy going to attempt doing a Tacoma<>Seattle link
up via a piece of mountian top that was made available to them, that would
be a nice start at making a link down direct to PDX without tunneling over
the $Internet$.

Commerial wise, too many companies are too busy giving each other pity
blow jobs for this stuff to be anything more than abstracted pie int he
sky. If your waiting for it to happen on a time scale of anything but
tectonic then pack a lunch cause it may be a while.

Unless some of your bigbrainians can go make a new the industry forget
about being duped int he 90's heroin boom daze this shit is going to crawl
to the edges.

So adjust your scale....F* the rest of the world, do it for yourselfs. Its
high time to get off the industry tit and learn to build things like this
with your own hands and minds and balls and sweat. For those tightly
wrapped up with industry....grab a desk and make some cash on LCDing the

"By any protocal nessecary" Malcom 1010