Gregory Alan Bolcer
Sat, 04 Jan 2003 09:31:53 -0800

Even better would be a proxy that automatically
put hyperlinks around key concepts or phrases in
the IM content stream as determined by a corporate lookup.  

Simple pattern matching.  In fact, you could probably rdf the
enterprise portal, tabelize it, and automatch
any key words or phrases, and do a transparent
sign-on passthrough to the portal from the IM client. 


"Mr. FoRK" wrote:
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> From: "Stephen D. Williams" <>
> > I actually thought of this kind of active chat at AOL (in 1996 I think),
> > bringing up ads based on what was being discussed and other features.
> > For a while, the VP of dev. (now still CTO I think) was really hot on
> > the idea and they discussed patenting it. Then they lost interest.
> I wonder why it was dropped - sounds like a good enough idea. Don't ads on
> sites and search engines key off the text in the results? Sounds similar.