Wifi Highway - could this work?

Stephen D. Williams sdw@lig.net
Sat, 04 Jan 2003 22:05:16 -0500

The falling asleep thing has pretty much been solved in a nice low-tech 
way in most of the states I drive in, some subset of: VA, MD, WV, PA, 
and OH.  They just grind wide grooves perpendicular to the road just 
past the border lines.  When you stray into them, you get a sound and 
vibration alert that you are heading off the road.  Elegant and caught 
on in about 2 years.  Of course it's not foolproof but it helps.

I just suffered through a couple thousand miles of sleepy driving during 
the holidays.  It is definitely the most likely way for me to die 
accidentally, even with my street skating in DC ( http://www.skatedc.org 
) or my flying, hiking, etc. http://sdw.st .

On the other hand, I'm getting my private pilots license to avoid all 
that driving.  No chance of falling asleep flying...


Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

>One of my college jobs was doing some
>consulting work for the Department of Transportation
>for an engineer that was doing collision and
>blind spot detection using bumper mounted radar.
>Neat stuff.  All I had to do was drive my motorcycle
>around a car at a whole bunch of different speeds
>while he measured everything.  Some of the other
>holy grail projects they had were:
>    o hundreds of people die in car crashes each year
>      from falling asleep in their vehicle along long
>      stretches of highway.  They wanted some type of
>      reactive electronics or paint that could send a
>      warning signal to the car that it was going to crash.
>    o hundreds of hours are wasted every year with shipping
>      because many packages, large or small, containers or
>      single, sit around waiting to be sorted.  Like the
>      last mile networking problem, there's a last mile
>      delivery problem.  They wanted to be able to walk
>      into a room or container, select a destinaiton and
>      have all the packages tell them where they are going,
>      and even further, visibly alert the person where they
>      were including being buried under a few other boxes--which
>      is typically how packages get mis-shipped. 
>Jeff could probably get a pretty good sized DoT grant. 
>Justin Mason wrote:
>>Gregory Alan Bolcer said:
>>>Second, I wouldn't wait for Wifi to hit the
>>>highways.  W-CDMA will be here long before
>>>and far more ubiquitous.
>>Talking of "Wifi Highway", that reminds me of an idea a friend had:
>>networking over conductive paint on the road surface.
>>If this paint was inobtrusive enough, you might even get a reasonably
>>"good enough" network by spraying from a moving vehicle.... now *that's*
>>guerrilla networking!  or graffiti networking?

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