Words I never thought I would hear on a religious TV program

Stephen D. Williams sdw@lig.net
Mon, 06 Jan 2003 02:00:14 -0500

While taking a break from late night reading OMB and other government 
documents, I was flipping channels on my PC TV tuner and 2 seconds after 
I flipped to a local channel with a late-night religious news/preaching 
program, the woman speaker said:
(Speaking about religious-related terrorist newspaper articles from 
around the world.)

"Sometimes I think that religion is the best advertisement for atheism."

The woman has somewhat poofy blond/white hair and a pink outfit.  The 
show has an oval with a conformal projection map of the landmasses of 
the Earth behind the two speakers.  JVIM.com  Jack Van Impe.

The show is really an infomercial to sell the "Jack Van Impe Prophecy 
Bible", only $59.95 +$5S&H


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