Happy Birthday

Marty Halvorson martyh@nmcourts.com
Mon, 06 Jan 2003 08:59:41 -0700

>On Sept. 2, 1969, two computers at the University of California, Los 
>Angeles, linked by a
>15-foot cable, sent data back and forth, showing that the Internet could work.

In 1963, I wrote my first hardware diagnostic program.  It tested the link, 
in the corporate data center, between a CDC 3600 and CDC 160-A.  The link 
was un-used because no one had written any code to make use of it.  A year 
or so later, the system programmers had written code to send print jobs to 
the 160-A.

Do I win the first useful network programming contest?


Marty Halvorson