Wifi Highway - could this work?

Steve Nordquist signa@birch.net
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 16:48:21 -0600

&> Ok FoRKers, tell me why this wouldn't work, or why it would, or=20
    better yet, who can do this.

Megatokyo.com.  UGO's doiing radio datacast.

&> I think it would be really cool to have low cost high bandwidth

>blinks< Well. mobile P2Pish caches and binge/purge human informatic
behavior is handy to 11b/11g roadmates, but the blowing gas while
swinging a chain to get better reception is just plain sw33t.

&> Even cooler, it would be better if this were an open service and not
 metered &> or regulated into the "expensive luxury" category.

No Sprint Vision at 100mbps there?

&> Last month I found that a neighbor had inadvertently hooked up to my
&> WiFi network (its secured now :-). I later walked my neighborhood usin=
g a
&> WiFi-equipped PocketPC and found 6 other networks within a 10 minute
&> walk. In one spot I "saw" 4 networks simultaneously. This tells me tha=
&> WiFi is catching on quickly, at least up here in Redmond near Microsof=

Your card manages to scan the whole set of channels at once?

&> So, here's the big idea.

OK, but get the signal processing or antenna environments tweaked
to tolerate a potentially jittery, fast-moving, dusts-laden environment
while mode-switching stays stable (to keep 100-500mbps,) use
protocols for twitting or accomodating Evercrack shotgun riders,
more L4 work for dropping video nuts' frames when they can't
be sent whole, a non-invasive debug console, and of course
charismatic chat cops and AppleTalk admins.

Qwalikent> WKO ptr in Yr vanagon?
RnDiesl> HPLJ4p (bill,) Canon8020/A (susan) :+
guest>  We're all from ARD, right?  Can someone pick up my kid?

How about Java-only networks to get back on the internets