corn, rice, and beans

Dave Long
Tue, 07 Jan 2003 10:37:29 -0800

> I anticipate that supporting people at a minimal level will become
> cheaper.  This already happens --- for example, in the US, you can buy
> enough corn, rice, and beans for a day for $1 (or, probably, much
> less) ...

Is that shopping in bulk?  Here's what
I found at the local chain supermarket:

item                    kcal    cents
======================  ======  =====
5 lbs. corn tortillas	120x45	 289
5 lbs. pinto beans	 60x26	 319
5 lbs. rice		160x50	 199
5 lbs. hominy		 70x24	 239
1 can corn		110x3.5	  69

(10 lb. rice bags cost much more than
twice the 5 lb., and the "bulk" pinto
beans were also more than the bagged)

So, for a serving each of tortilla,
rice, and beans, we get 340 kcal for
23 cents, or about $1.80/day at a
2700 kcal run rate.

1) I've seen ramen packets at 10/$ out
in the desert, which puts processed food
down in the dry rice range -- so it may
be that these prices are mostly markup.

2) Did I add too many servings of the
corn and beans?  Nutrition aside, 2700
kcal of rice runs about 70 cents, at
these prices.  What would it take to
balance the ration?

3) I've ignored fuel costs.  Would a
solar cooker (lengthy simmer) do well
with these ingredients?



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