Books to read during sabbatical

Sherry Listgarten
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 10:51:37 -0800

Ah.... I'm going on sabbatical in two weeks, for 3-6 months. Time to read!
I'm looking for books on business and on technology that do one of (for

* explain trends in technology -- history, motivation, the specific
technologies, possible futures -- anything from the free software movement
to networking to bioinformatics to programming languages
* explain best/innovative ways to use existing technology -- or reviews of
specific technologies
* descriptions of business strategies -- what works (or worked), and why --
but not pop-business
* any basics of an MBA -- I don't have one, don't particularly want one, but
wonder what I'm missing
* discuss various career strategies -- boy I need this. What steps make
sense to become an XYZ?

A business-oriented (non-technical) guy at work handed me a bunch of Harvard
Business Review articles, plus a few books he selected from his shelf,
* Good to Great (Jim Collins) -- probably applicable to companies like ours
* The Cluetrain Manifesto -- said it may be outdated, but would be
* Chasm stuff (Geoffrey Moore, Paul Wiefels) -- a basic business/marketing
* Selling to the VITO -- good overview on sales, at least one viewpoint

These will keep me for a while, but I thought I'd ask you folks as well,
particularly for technology, but also for business. (I did see FoRK's Thomas
Stewart on the back of the "cluetrain" book saying it's "brilliant and
impossible... magnificently overstated and yet entirely correct". Maybe
others more recent?)

-- Sherry.