[help?] oooh, it burns!

Elias Sinderson elias@cse.ucsc.edu
Tue, 07 Jan 2003 12:03:45 -0800

Some time ago there were a few FoRKs (I'd search the archive, but...) 
about poison oak.

Let me just say that I had forgotten just how truely terrible the stuff 
is. As I write this, one eye swollen shut, most of my face, lips and 
ears burn, sting, itch and throb simultaneously. My forehead is swollen 
up about a centimeter, and my nose almost as bad... The saddest thing, 
perhaps, is that the anti-itch cream is mentholated so that when I put 
it on my eyes tear up and burn along with the rest of my face!

Please don't say 'it could be worse' - it is, I'm just not going to go 
there for all FoRKage. Before thanking me for sparing you the details, 
maybe you could share with me any recipes for relief...?

I never thought the combination of vast amounts of suffering and 
predizone would be so psychedelic.