[help?] oooh, it burns!

Lucas Gonze lgonze@panix.com
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 11:06:17 -0500 (EST)

A folk remedy: 
Go find some brackenfern.  This is a weed that grows in urban areas -- I
found it on the side of a bridge in south boston.  Boil the brackenfern
until it softens up.  Take it out of the water and scratch your itches
with it.

This did amazingly pleasurable things for me when I had a bad case of 
poison ivy.  Good luck.

- Lucas

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Elias Sinderson wrote:

> Some time ago there were a few FoRKs (I'd search the archive, but...) 
> about poison oak.
> Let me just say that I had forgotten just how truely terrible the stuff 
> is. As I write this, one eye swollen shut, most of my face, lips and 
> ears burn, sting, itch and throb simultaneously. My forehead is swollen 
> up about a centimeter, and my nose almost as bad... The saddest thing, 
> perhaps, is that the anti-itch cream is mentholated so that when I put 
> it on my eyes tear up and burn along with the rest of my face!
> Please don't say 'it could be worse' - it is, I'm just not going to go 
> there for all FoRKage. Before thanking me for sparing you the details, 
> maybe you could share with me any recipes for relief...?
> I never thought the combination of vast amounts of suffering and 
> predizone would be so psychedelic.
> Elias