On Demand Application Distribution

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Wed, 08 Jan 2003 10:10:57 -0800

Any FoRKers that are going to be around SF on the
15th, drop by and say hi.  We're putting on an application
streaming event Gartner, Microsoft, and Autodesk to
talk about some of the successes we've had with the
front and back end technologies.  



On-Demand Application Distribution Solutions for the
Reducing the Cost of Software Deployment and Management 
Through Web-enablement and Streaming of Applications

                                                The Clift Hotel
                                                495 Geary Street
                                                San Francisco, CA 94102
                                                January 15, 2003

Traditional methods of deploying software can be traced back to as
long as products have been packaged and shipped. Even in today's
digital economy, most software is still packaged and delivered in
much the same way it has been since long before the advent of the
Internet. The total cost of ownership (TCO) to distribute, manage
and maintain software has always been high for the enterprise and
user because this has always been complex and labor intensive.

Ever since the Internet became a commercially viable means to
transfer and share digital information, enterprises have searched for
efficient ways to web-enable their applications, distribute licensing
costs and extend applications to their business partners.
Web-enabling and streaming of applications would harness the
power and reach of the Internet to give users instant, ubiquitous
access to applications while lowering the total cost of ownership to
the enterprise. This technology also provides security, anti-piracy
and auditing capabilities.

This seminar will present:
- Market drivers that influence the trends within the On-demand
Application Distribution Solutions (ODADS) space
- Guidelines to choosing the right ODADS solution for the
- Currently available technology in action
- AutoDesk: A case study on how enterprises are reaping the
rewards of this emerging technology


The State of the ODADS Market
Mark Margevicius, Research Director, Gartner

Delivering and Managing Applications On-Demand
Kapi Attawar - VP Marketing, Endeavors Technology

.NET for Delivering ODADS and Web Services
Jas Sandhu - .NET Evangelist, Microsoft

AutoDesk: A Case Study
Robert Ng (Customer) - AutoDesk