Hot tags and Sweet Chin Music (wasRe: IEEE doesn't like web robots )

Wed, 8 Jan 2003 14:02:48 -0500 (EST)

Having set up a real web server up in the new house I have begun watching
the stats on Its amazing the things you find

First off, Im using AWstats. For good solid quick web stats this is a very
sweet package. Easy to set up and effective in telling the tale it gets
two thumbs up from me,

Second off, All I have up on the site as of now are some photos, a
directory to hold wip items for the zine im working on, and a few  jean
shepard shows in mp3 and a smattering of near empty directoires. Yet here
is the robot run down for January

9 different robots 	Hits	Bandwidth	Last visit
Googlebot (Google)	332	12.43 MB	07 Jan 2003 - 06:52
MSIECrawler		62	5.33 MB		06 Jan 2003 - 13:11
arks			15	5.92 KB		06 Jan 2003 - 18:34
Jeeves			14	301.40 KB	06 Jan 2003 - 20:54
larbin			5	80.92 KB	05 Jan 2003 - 15:23
BSpider			2	1.69 KB		06 Jan 2003 - 12:10
(AllTheWeb)		2	76.86 KB	06 Jan 2003 - 07:50
The World Wide Web Worm	1	38.68 KB	03 Jan 2003 - 07:45
Unknown robot
(identified by 'crawl')	1	38.67 KB	04 Jan 2003 - 23:18

Google seems to do a very detailed job at crawling me:)-

Now, here are some head scratchers. I have been getting hits to pages that
HAVE NOT been up for over 4 years. These were pages connected to my old
old time radio and emonks pages.

My though is over the next few weeks, take the 404d pages and put stuff
there to rechannel the flow to actual items of use.

Its good to run a server again:)-