Hot tags and Sweet Chin Music (wasRe: IEEE doesn't like web robots )

Mr. FoRK
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 12:32:53 -0800

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From: "Tom" <>

> I agres, seing as is just one tiny little web server with
> relativley little on it...I mean what would happen if I put my mirror of
> Projet Guttenburg, soem more old timem radio shows, a few php/mysql
> dynamic pages and other fun project stuff.

> Do I start messing with robot exclusion files? Is it fair to the robots to
> exclude them, to put them in the back of the bus , to keep them down on da
> farm and away from da women? Will the ALCFU show up on my porch and demand
> equal access to the otherly abled gay whale islmaic robots? Will dave
> winner rant on about how its ok to exploit robots so long as he makes a
> buck off it?
> Where is the love? I ask you...WHERE IS THE LOVE???????
> "piece of dirt dirt dirt
> piece of dirt dirt dirt
> piece of diiiiiirrrrrrt" TMBG