First essay of the year

Mr. FoRK
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 20:37:42 -0800

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> Read that last few lines again
> --].... and btw the people who make open source software generally don't
> --] have much sympathy for users, and my software is all about users.
> Why do folks allow this sort of FUD to go on? Why is it that the focus is
> on M$ and the like when the real enemy of an open sharing society are
> people like this who seeth FUD from thier pores.

I think DaveW mostly is concerned with end-user human interface usability,
rather than purely 'users' of software. A new OS kernel has 'users' that
aren't impacted by UI usability. He's just reiterating the belief that OSS
on average doesn't have as high a user-interface usability level than other
commercial consumer software products.

I do like the Cathedral/Bazaar analogy though.