The WSMF Listening Room

Thu, 9 Jan 2003 03:23:57 -0500 (EST)

Two groups of things to listen to over in teh WSMF Listening Room this

First off, Jean Shephard..from the 6 cd collection that will rotate thru
this directory..we have a look at the history of Electricity and an
amazing journy through a steel mill Shep worked in as a lad.

Secondly, The Fifth Horseman. Back in 1946 the pubic was still learning
about the nuclear age that was bloming all aroudn them. This 8 part series
is a primer on Cold War propaganda and the ways nuclear energy was used to
scare the bejesus out of the masses. A great listen to not just for
historic purposes but to shine a light on how and why the rhetoric of
today was shaped.

Ah , its good to have a server back again:)-