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This ties into fork's WifiHiway (and yes I hear the TMBG song when I read
that as well)

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Potential ubiquity built on an open standard.

or a short story to highlight the point...

Perhaps someday soon....

"Honey what are you doing?" asked the mans wife.
She watched as her husband pulled a small black box out of a drawer in their
garage workbench. There were several more stacked neatly inside.
"There is a spot on I405 where I loose connection and my OPB morning report
cuts out. So I'm going to drop a relay there." said the man.
"Oh, I know just the spot your talking about; just before the Burnside
exit?" she said.
The man smiled, "That's the one." Since my commute is so early I thought I'd
take care of it.


The man didn't bother to pull over or even slow down. He'd already rolled
down the window. Before taking off that morning he'd unscrewed a water tight
seal on the box and thrown a DIP switch located beneath the seal. The box
beeped once and moments later a green LED buried in the plastic turned on.
The man nodded. Probably connected to his or his neighbors open network.

Just before he got to the spot where he had encountered disconnection
problems yesterday he simply drifted towards the roadside and tossed the
black box up and over the top of the car. He looked out the passenger window
in time to see the box bounce once on the bark dust and stop. "Nice shot",
thought the man. "Practice makes perfect." OPB came back on. "Good", the man
thought. "I won't have to get out and move it tomorrow."

The car behind him tooted his horn, when the man looked back at the car
behind him. He could see the guy behind him smiling and shaking a similar
box. The other man tossed it over his shoulder into the back seat of his car
and shrugged. The only other car on the road at that hour.
The man smiled, shrugged himself and returned his attention to the road. At
$3.00 piece almost anyone could afford to be an 802.11 philanthropist..



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