The RIAA owes you, claim it.

Elias Sinderson
Thu, 09 Jan 2003 16:34:26 -0800

I usually ignore these kinds of announcements because they so rarely 
affect me, but...

I've got the receipts to over 1000 CDs purchased primarily between the 
dates specified. My house burnt down, and a good portion of the 
settlement was due to my music collection. Hence most of the settlement 
was spent replacing it all. I may not have chosen to spend it that way, 
if it was entirely my choice, but the process was structured in such a 
way that I could only get 100% reimbursement if I actually replaced the 
articles with new, similar items.


Tom wrote:

>If you purchased an audio recording from a retailer between January 1 1995
>and December 22, 2000 then the RIAA owes you money. As part of a
>settlement in a class action suit against the recording industry for price
>fixing, they agreed to a large payout that affects everyone who meets the
>above requirements. To claim you share of the RIAA payback head on over to
>Maybe a trip to might be in order, perhaps a donation to your
>save OSS project, maybe put it towards buying a wifi card to put up a node
>in your local Wireless Community Network.