The RIAA owes you, claim it.
Thu, 9 Jan 2003 19:53:30 -0500

Nobody reads the fine legalese:
What Benefits are Available?

The Defendants have agreed to pay a combination of cash and non-cash
consideration. Defendants' combined cash payments total $67,375,000.
In addition, Distributor Defendants will provide $75,700,000 worth of
prerecorded music compact discs.

Cash Distribution
The cash paid by the Defendants, after the payment of attorneys' fees,
litigation and Settlement administration costs, shall be distributed
to consumers who purchased Music Products. The number of claims filed
will determine the actual amount of the individual refund but will not
exceed $20.00 per claimant. If the number of claims filed would result
in refunds of less than $5.00 per claimant, there will be no cash
distribution to individual consumers. Rather, the cash portion of the
Settlement shall be distributed to not-for-profit, charitable,
governmental or public entities to be used for music-related purposes
or programs for the benefit of consumers who purchased Music Products.

IMPORTANT - If you are a member of the Settlement Group, you can only
file one claim per person no matter how many Music Products you

So, for all intents and purposes, the settlement group wont' even get
enough to buy a CD, muchless, WiFI equipment, or a real donation that
counts.   That is, if any money is received at all.  Something tells
me, it'll magically be deposited to a shadowy charitable entity (like
the lawyer's fund :) )

Nice dreams, and I filed my claim.  A $5 check indirectly from the
RIAA will go on my wall, damnit.


T> If you purchased an audio recording from a retailer between January 1 1995
T> and December 22, 2000 then the RIAA owes you money. As part of a
T> settlement in a class action suit against the recording industry for price
T> fixing, they agreed to a large payout that affects everyone who meets the
T> above requirements. To claim you share of the RIAA payback head on over to

T> Maybe a trip to might be in order, perhaps a donation to your
T> save OSS project, maybe put it towards buying a wifi card to put up a node
T> in your local Wireless Community Network.

T> -tomwsmf

Best regards,