Bush is not a nazi, stop calling him one!

Elias Sinderson fork@xent.com
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 10:34:57 -0800

The president may not be a nazi, but as I understand it his grandfather 
Prescott was, or at least had strong ties to the nazi party and their 
industiral war machine via Unioni Bank, Brown Brothers, Harriman bank, 
the Hamburg-Amerika Steamship line, Standard Oil of Germany and nazi 
banker Fritz Thyssen. The

As far as I can tell the whole family is pretty much worthless and I 
wouldn't trust any one of them in a position of power. Note also the 
ties between the presidents father (really the whole Bush family) and 
Bin Laden via several businesses relationships such as the Carlyle 
Group, Arbusto Energy,  BCCI, etc. Not to mention his propping up of the 
Hussein regime through BCCI, and BNL (Banco Nazionale del Lavoro).

Don't even get me started on Iran-Contra, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, 
etc. What should be very, very clear to everyone is that the Bush family 
has a long and soiled history of maintaining relationships with people 
who kill Americans. I would assert that evidence of these things should 
be adequate grounds for preventing someone from running for 
(presidential, other?) office, if not outright criminal prosecution.

Numerous references available upon request, I really don't have the time 


Al Diablito wrote:

> An actually cool piece of Flash. There are two parts here, so it may 
> seem over at one point, but it will continue after a couple seconds.
> http://www.takebackthemedia.com/bushnonazi.html