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Sun, 12 Jan 2003 12:09:32 -0800

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> On Sun, 12 Jan 2003, Mr. FoRK wrote:
> > Have you tried an Adkins-type approach - dropping carbohydrates (bread,
> > pasta, flour) & keeping proteins (cheese, meat)? And avoiding corn syrup
> > based stuff - which is most everything.
> Atkins stuff doesn't work that good, and just invites you to shovel in
> more Joules, since giving faux good conscience.
Yeah - but the theory sounds good - carbs are easy to digest, meats are
harder so you use more calories to absorb the new calories. Plus the early
phase causes your body to go into 'shock' (after a few days) with the lack
of immediate sugar (which is what the carbs convert into quickly) when you
eat. This changes the body chemistry to start scavanging more quickly. I
don't like the sound of crashing your system to reset it, but just reading
about how carbs turn into stored fat easier than if you actually eat
fat/protein itself made me adjust my intake somewhat.

I should probably start workin on the caloric reduction part though to
hopefully edge out a few more years of lifespan though.