Exercise! (was: 8-bit man!)

Dr. Robert Harley harley@argote.ch
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 02:10:00 +0100 (CET)

I don't know what way my metabolism works, but I have been roughly 130
(i.e., 60 kilos) for 10 years or more, no matter how much or little I
eat.  According to the thickness and length of my bones, I "ought" to
be 150 to 160.  Most days I push myself to eat more than I want to,
but to no noticeable effect.  Once upon a time I had my body fat index
index measured and the doctor said it was "essentially zero".  A while
ago I had a check up and the doctor asked what sport I did; when I
said "absolutely none", she disbelieved and asked twice more saying
that I had "the heart of an athlete" ad that I must do some sport to
cause it.  Whatever.  Some people consider me skinny, but I look good
and feel good, so who cares?  One of my brothers is exactly the same
(except blond with blue eyes).  The other is not similar at all.
Genetics must play a big role, IMO.