Exercise! (was: 8-bit man!)

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Mon, 13 Jan 2003 20:46:43 -0500

Dr. Harley sez:
> I don't know what way my metabolism works, but I have been roughly 130
> (i.e., 60 kilos) for 10 years or more, no matter how much or little I
> eat...

I have a friend exactly like you.  He's been right at 130-135 pounds all
his adult life.  He exercises a fair bit, but has gone through periods
where he doesn't exercise at all.  Yet, his weight is pretty much a

I'm the opposite...  My weight can vary by 3-4 pounds from one day to
the next, and I can gain ten pounds in nothing flat.

<british_accent>It's really quite frightening.</british_accent>[1]

Recently, I've had success with the "sugar busters" approach...  The
idea, basically, is to avoid anything that makes your blood sugar go up
significantly (relative to other things you might choose to consume, I
suppose).  So, things like "white" flour, white rice, potatos, corn and
carrots are out.  What I like about the approach is that it'd do-able.
I've been filling up on whole wheat bread and brown rice and sweet
potatos (along with the usual meat and cheese and fruit and vegetables).
I was 249 pounds in mid-August; I'm 221 now.

Just another data point,

[1] http://us.imdb.com/Title?0088258