Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight

Gordon Mohr
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 18:07:43 -0800

Al Diablito writes:
> Also, don't 
> count on the "Peoples Revolution" Bush is hoping for. Seems like Saddam has 
> an interesting take on our 2nd Amendment (read below). Not defending scumbag 
> Saddam, but it sure is curious how an "unpopular" leader can get away with 
> arming every grown man in his country and not get taken out. 

So can I gather from this that you believe Saddam Hussein is a 
popular leader? 

That you believe the 11,445,638 votes he got in the last election -- 
100% -- were freely cast?

That the Iraqi people endorse his foreign and economic policies?

Do you take at face value quotes given by Iraqis to Reuters reporters, when 
in fact every foreign reporter in the country has a government-appointed
"minder", and published quotes which displease the ruling party can lead to 
(1) the imprisonment or death of the speaker; (2) the imprisonment or
death of the "minder"; (3) explusion of the journalist?

> Should be 
> fuckin' blast, eh?

It will be awful. But it will be better for Iraq's people, neighbors, 
America, and our allies than the alternative, of continued Baathist
rule and indeterminate military quanrantine.

- Gordon