Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight

Mon, 13 Jan 2003 18:28:37 -0800

> From: Behalf Of Al Diablito
> Subject: RE: Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight
> 2) Not a knock on the soldiers at all. They went where their civilian
> leaders who are dependent on corporate contributions for their jobs
> them to go. 

Can't you come up with an original thought?  Perhaps an accurate one?  
A) They are dependent on the voters.
B) Assuming wars are fought for economic reasons misses the last two
centuries of history.  It has been rather obvious for the last century
that this isn't the case.

> The election went the way it did because the Dems showed
> themselves to be as beholden to corporate/war interest as the Repubs
> gave nobody a reason to vote for them. Six Democratic congressmen lost
> their jobs in November. Five voted for the war resolution, 
> 1 voted against it.

And it was quite obvious that most of the dems who did vote for it
didn't believe in it.  The public noticed.  (Lieberman, Miller and
Gephart did believe in it -- to name 3.)

> >Moreover, 'they' are exceptionally well trained and are arguably less
> >likely to come to harm than the citizens they leave to defend.
> Yes, they are well trained. Unfortunately, they are equipped with gear
> made by the same quality standards that give us things like Ford
> tires,
> Windows 95, etc. I would not want to go into the desert against the
> relying on the shoddy gear the big corps foist on the Pentagon. 

This is quite laughable.  After all, the equipment was sure a lousy
failure last time, right?

The M1-A2 Abrams is the best tank in the world, only the British
Chieftain and the German Leopard II get honorable mentions.  Nothing
else comes close.

MLRS -- class by itself.  AWACS -- ditto.  J-STARS, unique.

BTW: The Iraqis don't do deserts.  The US Army does deserts.  The _last_
place an Iraqi wants to fight the US is in a desert.  If you had
bothered inform yourself about the topic you'd have known that.

> Not defending scumbag Saddam

'Peace' movement is objectively pro-Saddam.  Yes, you _are_ defending

> "I was trained when I was nine. We learned to fight in order to fight
> enemy -- the Zionists (Israel), America and any foreign country,"
> said, repeating slogans that fill Iraq's state-controlled television,
> radio and print media.

And opposed to this we have an officer in the Iraqi army last time who
reassured his troops:

"The Americans are not trying to kill you.  If they _were_ you would
already be dead.  They are trying to kill your equipment."

Iraqi troops learned quite quickly not to be _in_ the Iraqi tank.