On Demand Application Distribution

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 08:04:40 -0800

Just in case any of you were planning on attending, this
event has been rescheduled to February 18th.  Luckily
I didn't send it out to all of my friends yet.  Same
set of speakers from same companies, but better content. 8-)


Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Any FoRKers that are going to be around SF on the
> 15th, drop by and say hi.  We're putting on an application
> streaming event Gartner, Microsoft, and Autodesk to
> talk about some of the successes we've had with the
> front and back end technologies.  
> Greg
> http://www.endeavors.com/odads_event_registration.php
> On-Demand Application Distribution Solutions for the
> Enterprise:
> Reducing the Cost of Software Deployment and Management 
> Through Web-enablement and Streaming of Applications
>                                                 The Clift Hotel
>                                                 495 Geary Street
>                                                 San Francisco, CA 94102
>                                                 January 15, 2003
> Traditional methods of deploying software can be traced back to as
> long as products have been packaged and shipped. Even in today's
> digital economy, most software is still packaged and delivered in
> much the same way it has been since long before the advent of the
> Internet. The total cost of ownership (TCO) to distribute, manage
> and maintain software has always been high for the enterprise and
> user because this has always been complex and labor intensive.
> Ever since the Internet became a commercially viable means to
> transfer and share digital information, enterprises have searched for
> efficient ways to web-enable their applications, distribute licensing
> costs and extend applications to their business partners.
> Web-enabling and streaming of applications would harness the
> power and reach of the Internet to give users instant, ubiquitous
> access to applications while lowering the total cost of ownership to
> the enterprise. This technology also provides security, anti-piracy
> and auditing capabilities.
> This seminar will present:
> - Market drivers that influence the trends within the On-demand
> Application Distribution Solutions (ODADS) space
> - Guidelines to choosing the right ODADS solution for the
> enterprise
> - Currently available technology in action
> - AutoDesk: A case study on how enterprises are reaping the
> rewards of this emerging technology
> The State of the ODADS Market
> Mark Margevicius, Research Director, Gartner
> Delivering and Managing Applications On-Demand
> Kapi Attawar - VP Marketing, Endeavors Technology
> .NET for Delivering ODADS and Web Services
> Jas Sandhu - .NET Evangelist, Microsoft
> AutoDesk: A Case Study
> Robert Ng (Customer) - AutoDesk

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