Magi.NET App Streaming

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 08:42:45 -0800

This is an announcment about some of the client-tier
technology we are using to do off-the-shelf, highly
compressed application streaming, delivery, tracking,
and license compliance to the desktop as an alternative
to centrally hosted applications.  Obviously this increases
user acceptance as it's a local application which gets
transparently installed, can be used offline, and
behaves exactly like a local application--because it is one.
IT gets their central management as they don't lose the control
and have up to the second app usage and software license
compliance.  It's p2p app sharing arch allows 100:1 scalability
over traditional hosted models like Citrix.

Sure beats building Web service calculators.


Tadpole's Web-Enabling Software Company, Endeavors Technology,
Partners With Microsoft To Bring Its Streaming Applications
On-Demand Solution To The .NET Platform

Microsoft's .NET technology to play key role in client level
development of Endeavors' Magi Application Express Solution;
product will offer management, tracking, security and integration
tools for network distribution and delivery of applications, data
and Web Services to Microsoft .NET enterprises.


Cambridge, January 14, 2003 - In a move to accelerate enterprise
business advantage from the deployment of automated Web-based
services, Tadpole Technology plc today announces that its Endeavors
Technology software subsidiary has become a Microsoft Independent
Software Vendor (ISV). Under terms of the relationship, Endeavors,
with the active support of Microsoft's premier services program,
will bring its Web-based on-demand applications delivery and
distribution solution, Magi Application Express, to the .NET

Magi Application Express enables enterprises to stream on-demand
any Microsoft application, including such rich applications as
mapping and design, from central servers to enterprise desktops
and laptops in a matter of seconds. It enables IT managers to
maintain currency in applications used at the client level, eliminates
the need to regularly deploy security software patches and updates
across network devices, and helps them to tightly manage licensing
agreements with Microsoft and other software vendors.

The adoption of .NET's XML tools and interfaces in Magi Application
Express further enhances the business value of Endeavors' product
and enables Microsoft-centric enterprises to connect and interoperate
their Web-based capability and services across platforms, programming
languages, and applications.

As a Microsoft .NET ISV partner utilising premier services, Microsoft
will assist Endeavors Technology in addressing software design and
development issues involving Web-enablement of applications so they can
be distributed to the desktop for use both on and off line. The focus
of the effort will be around three main areas: a) managing, tracking
usage in real time and deploying applications anywhere to any Web
connected point, b) securely authenticating and identifying users and
devices, and c) replacing disparate, complex and costly unconnected
services with a single web services environment. Endeavors will have
access to Microsoft's laboratory facilities for prototyping, testing,
and migration initiatives.

Bernard Hulme, group chief executive of Tadpole Technology plc,
comments: "The combined efficiencies of Magi Application Express and
Microsoft's .NET platform target a new and more effective solution for
enterprises to deliver business applications on-demand to the desktop.
By integrating .NET XML and Web-based technologies into Endeavors'
application delivery products, customers will have an attractive way to
extend their Web-based platform of services and data. They will also be
able to seamlessly extend services and data to partners and vendors
beyond enterprise walls."


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