'Bomb Texas' The psychological roots of anti-Americanism

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I'm a little busy, but you could start with these.  (Especially the
photo).  I spent 5 minutes.


"How we dare even prate about democracy is beyond me. Our form of
democracy is bribery, on the highest scale. It's far worse than anything
that occurred in the Roman empire, until the praetorian guard started to
sell the principate. We're not a democracy, and we have absolutely
nothing to give the world in the way of political ideas or political
arrangements." --Gore Vidal, interview with the New Statesman, October

"Civilization is Genocide" --banner carried by protesters in Berlin on
October 8, as seen in an AP photo by Markus Schreiber

At one late-October march in Washington, there were signs proclaiming "I
Love Iraq, Bomb Texas," and depicting President Bush wearing a Hitler
mustache and giving the Nazi salute.


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> The anti-war opposition is there because the war is a terrible idea.
> > It is so obvious that the 'far right' doesn't have to 'try to paint'
> > opposition in that way.  Mostly they just point, quote, and sigh.
> Ok, give us a point and quote.
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