Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight

Al Diablito
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 12:01:35 -0500

>So can I gather from this that you believe Saddam Hussein is a
>popular leader?

I think that he is more popular than Bush. I have no love for the man and 
would hope that the Iraqi people find a way to get rid of him. It is obvious 
to me that, whatever their feelings about Saddam, the Iraqis have no 
illusions about what the US is doing. We have telegraphed to the world that 
we have a "several-year, MacArthur-style occupation" in mind for the 
aftermath of the war. Who would accept that? What an insult. At least in 
Afghanistan, we went through the pretense of using actual Afghanis to take 
over from the Taliban. People will be fighting in the streets, not to save 
Saddam, who may be dead or in exile within the first week of the war, but to 
prevent a US style occupation, which almost NOBODY in Iraq wants.

>That you believe the 11,445,638 votes he got in the last election --
>100% -- were freely cast?

No, I never said that. That is quite a logical leap to take. I am not 
stupid. However, nobody in this country should get high and mighty about 
fixed elections in other countries. We have a little problem here, too.

>That the Iraqi people endorse his foreign and economic policies?

Not all of them, but more than you think. They can easily see that being 
close to the US is no guarantee of prosperity by looking at the poverty of 
the vast majority of their neighbors in Kuwait,  Saudi Arabia, etc.

>Do you take at face value quotes given by Iraqis to Reuters reporters, 
>when>in fact every foreign reporter in the country has a 
>"minder", and published quotes which displease the ruling party can lead to
>(1) the imprisonment or death of the speaker; (2) the imprisonment or
>death of the "minder"; (3) explusion of the journalist?

Of course not. I base my opposition entirely independent of anything the 
Iraqi propagandists say.

>It will be awful. But it will be better for Iraq's people, neighbors,
>America, and our allies than the alternative, of continued Baathist
>rule and indeterminate military quanrantine.

Want to bet on it? When was the last time Iraq attacked anyone since Kuwait? 
Why won't the CIA share the info on where the WMDs are with the UN 
inspectors? Wouldn't that make a solid case? Undoubtedly, Saddam spews vile 
anti-Jewish rants on a continuous basis. However, given that this is true of 
most Middle East leaders, including all the ones we support, why have we 
singled out Saddam?

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