Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight

Al Diablito
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 12:45:13 -0500

>You don't know what the hell you are talking about.
>The US military is very arguably the best equipped in the world, and that
>cliché exists for a reason.  And not just weapon systems either, which ARE
>uniformly excellent with rare exception.  Few boondoggles make it past the
>field trials.

While I appreciate your knowledge and experience with these issues, there 
are some major holes. Also, I apologize for generalizing so easily and 
making a glib comparison to Windows 95, Firestone, etc. It was mostly a 
joke. As a whole, I have no doubt that we buy better stuff than any military 
in the world. however, I would point out some notable exceptions: Bradley 
Fighting Vehicle, Osprey, the original M16 rifles, etc. It is not the 
flawless process you try to spin it as. Also, it does not appear that we 
were able to adequately protect and outfit our soldiers against what is know 
as Gulf War syndrome, in what is generally regarded as a "successful" war.

My guess is that there are similar failures on the way for the ground troops 
unfortunate enough to get sent to Iraq, even if the war itself ends up a 
success. Depleted uranium, anyone? The troops will be treated as they always 
are, cannon fodder for industrial concerns.

>Even during the Cold War, we seriously evaluated equipment and weapons
>systems that were supplied by countries behind the Iron Curtain for
>evaluation, so they are quite open to considering many design variants 
>from>many sources.  For example, during the Cold War the US Army put their 
>stamp>of approval on the CZ-75 pistol, a weapon submitted by a Communist 

Thank you for that anecdote. It neatly illustrates the deception, hypocrisy, 
and profiteering that lies behind all wars.

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