Pringls Cans to the max

Tue, 14 Jan 2003 12:51:56 -0500 (EST)

So, you think this might be useful?:)-

" Wireless broadband connectivity achieved over 310km using equipment from

 The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) announced today that they have
transmitted information via a broadband wireless link over a distance of
310km. They believe that this is the longest distance achieved using
wireless connectivity.

The link was made between a stratospheric balloon that was launched from
Esrange near the town of Kiruna in northern Sweden and a base station
located near Esrange.

Onboard the balloon was an antenna supplied by Alvarion, the world.s most
successful provider of broadband wireless products. The antenna was
connected to a high-power amplifier with 6 watts power output, a camera
and a server. Data, such as environmental conditions and weather patterns,
was collected and the information was sent back to Esrange via an Alvarion
base station which measured 2.4 meters with 6 watt power output and
automatic tracking of the antenna using GPS technology.

Information received at the base station was then sent back to Esrange via
the internal network. The information between the balloon and the base
station was transmitted over the 2.4GHz spectrum (2480 Mhz which the SSC
is allowed to use with higher ERP) with a stable signal strength of -68

The round trip ping response at 300Km was 300-500 mSec.

The weather balloon reached a maxium height of 29.7 km and drifted
steadily. It finally touched down east of Sodankyl in the northern part of
Finland, having travelled approximately 315 Km.

Zvi Slonimsky, CEO of Alvarion, said: .Time and time again, wireless is
proving to be a genuine option in the broadband arena for enterprises,
incumbent and alternative operators looking for alternatives to fibre and
satellite to be continued..  "