Re[2]: Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 13:23:42 -0500

>>Can't you come up with an original thought?  Perhaps an accurate one?
>>A) They are dependent on the voters.

AD> Yes, they are. But the entire apparatus of election information is 
AD> controlled by major corporations who are able to manipulate the media to 
AD> limit choices to an anointed few. This is true of both parties. Do you 
AD> remember what happened in Florida?

No, actually what limited the candidates to an 'anointed few' as you
say it was a rather assinine view (a relatively recent one according
to at least one book (1)) that we can only survive on a two party
system. (2)   So silly rules and requirements have been imposed (mostly,
I'd argue were imposed by the dominant parties themselves, over any
outside influence)  to limit the information being distributed.
However, the information was far from removed, and the choices still
remained.   Its not like voting Green or Natural Law, or Libertarian
was impossible.


Interesting enough, and it ties nicely with your statement, the very
media apparatus that I'd argue does have some effect on voting trends
(at least w/r/t to people -not- voting) -- The Voter News Service, has
been disbanded by the six major media outlets.

The information is out there dude.  TV isn't the only means.