'Bomb Texas' The psychological roots of anti-Americanism

Russell Turpin deafbox@hotmail.com
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 19:15:15 +0000

John Hall:
>The WMD and Saddam's behavior make that threat more real than Germany to 
>the US at the time.

Saddam is unable to project ANY military power
more than a few hundred miles from Iraq. And
very little, that far. Germany was able to put
warships and submarines miles from our shore,
and already had conquered several of our allies.
Japan, to point out the obvious, destroyed our
Pacific fleet.

Now yes, you could make the argument that WMDs
can be carried through subterfuge, rather than
projected by conventional means. I believe that
kind of threat is a real concern for the future.
It is far from clear that Iraq presents the
greatest risk of that, rather than Al Queda,
Saudi Arabian fanatics, or any group with money
who wants to hurt the US. It's not clear to me
that the Bush administration really has its eye
on making the world safer from fanatics with
WMDs. That IS the best argument for the war with
Iraq. But is so far seems ad hoc rationalization
for going after the bad guy who fought Bush's
father. I don't see Bush pushing for international
policy on this issue, or even setting a long-term
domestic policy within which this action fits.

Pre-emptive war really is something quite
different from what the US has done in the past.
If it is going to become part of our new policy,
there needs to be intelligent explanation of
what that new policy is. The thing is, John, I'm
half on the bandwagon. Part of me thinks that
this is a prudent and necessary thing. Then I
listen to Bush.

>Trying to stop a military invasion of Iraq _is_ trying to keep Saddam in 

That's true only in a sound-bite sense that is
intended to obscure the fact that one can have
other reasons for opposing the invasion of a
nation than support for its government. If I
oppose an invasion of Canada, do I therefore
support Jean Chretein? Of Cuba, Castro? This is
the kind of stupid thing that Bush says that
makes me fear for the results of his foreign
policy. An important part of war is how the
subsequent victory is managed. Bush is no
Roosevelt, and I fear he doesn't even have the
smarts to find men like Marshall and MacArthur.

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