'Bomb Texas' The psychological roots of anti-Americanism

johnhall johnhall@isomedia.com
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 15:12:37 -0800

> From: Lucas Gonze [mailto:lgonze@panix.com]
> On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, johnhall wrote:
> > Being a bad guy doesn't mean we MUST take you out.  Only that we
> > CAN.
> Ok, that would allow us to assasinate him and split.  Is that what
> suggesting we do?

If I didn't feel we had a general problem with Islam, I'd probably come
fairly close to that.

Kill Saddam, trials and executions for his interior circle, then let the
Turks run the place for a few years while we get the people fed.

While I had 250,000 Americans over there I'd probably suggest to Syria
and Saudi Arabia that they should worry a great deal about why we were
annoyed with them.  They should crack down on the fundamentalists (Saudi
Arabia) and the terrorist groups (Hezbollah / Syria) or we will do it
for them.  And by the way, SA, we'd like our kidnapped children back.

Then we split.  Letting them know that if we feel we have to come back
we will, they won't like it, and that time we won't be leaving.