ProAntiism RE: 'Bomb Texas' The psychological roots of anti-Americanism

Gordon Mohr
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 15:38:18 -0800

TomWhore writes:
> Take this last point, for instance. First, we have PROOF that Husane is a
> threat, proof enough to start the engines of war. Then, when the UN asks
> for that proof in order to give aid to the cause, inspecters are sent over
> who find...well..pretty much nothing.

Well, let's role-play for a second.

Let's say I'm the US leadership and I do have proof of some nasty
CBW or nuclear work in Iraq. But I also know that there's even more
such work that I don't know about; maybe I estimate that I know about 
25% of the work.

If I reveal this early, lead the inspectors to it before I'm ready
to do the whole war deal, then the situation we have is...

  - Iraqi Baathists say, "oops, you caught us again, we'll get
    rid of that stuff, sorry, no need for war here, move along"
  - Squeamish antiwar types will say, "look! inspections (backed
    by spying and massive threats) can work, let's do this for 
    another few decades, no need for war here, move along"
  - 75% of the Iraqi programs remain in operation, and yet 
    again, there's no real penalty for discovery except losing
    just what was discovered, and the best chance in a decade
    to end the Baathist threat will have passed

That'd be an awful outcome.

Instead, I'd want to sandbag the best evidence. Wait until all
the pieces were in place to use the evidence to solve the problem
once and for all. Any "proof" would only be shared immediately
before an all-out effort, probably an all-out attack, to depose 
the Baath regime.

 - Gordon