Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight

Al Diablito
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 19:40:01 -0500

>I assume that your use of the word chickenhawk
>implies that you think all war/peace/foreign-policy
>decisions should be made by the military rather
>than by civilians.

No, where did I say that? I think that both should have a say. However, I 
have noticed a fairly serious correlation between the most rapacious 
supporters of the war and a lack of distinguished military service. By 
chickenhawk, I am mostly referring to those who were gung-ho about Vietanm, 
but worked their family/wealth connections to avoid military service. That 
list includes Quayle, Dubya, Wolfowitz, Perle, go down the list. It would 
not be hard to find people who have military service who support the war, 
and people who have none who are against it. That is a given. It is too much 
of a generalization to assume that someone should base their opinions on 
wars entirely on their own military record or lack thereof. However, when 
the highest officials in the land bang the drums for decades, during every 
war, despite the fact that they did everything to get out of the biggest 
American war of the last fifty years, I have a problem with that.

>I also assume that your use of the word
>chickenhawk implies that you think it
>innaprorpriate for anyone but professional
>sanitation workers to advocate garbage collection.

Ludicrous analogy. You can do better than that. Try harder.

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