ProAntiism RE: 'Bomb Texas' The psychological roots of anti-Americanism

Gordon Mohr
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 17:07:08 -0800

Al Diablito writes:
> No, what you do is point the UN inspections team to where your intelligence 
> shows there are weapons programs, prove you're not a fucking liar like 
> everyone suspects, broadcast this finding to the whole world, walk into the 
> UN with a big, shit-eating, "I told you so, pacifists" grin, get your UN 
> vote for war, and move on in with the backing of much of the world. 

I'm not so sure this won't unfold exactly as you say, once the forces
are in place. But not before. We shall see. 

Can we count on your enthusiastic support if such evidence, and UN support, 

> But 
> there are no WMD's, they are lying, so that strategy won't work.

Mr. Diablito, how can you be so sure they're lying, and that there
are are no such weapons programs in Iraq? 

Do you believe the Iraqi Baathists?

Did you believe their denials before Gulf War I? Were you surprised 
by the discoveries which followed that war?

I found the aftermath of actor Sean Penn's recent visit humorously 
instructive. As soon as he was out of the country, the Iraq regime's
official mouthpiece claimed that Penn indicated "that Iraq is free of 
weapons of mass destruction," and that Penn "ridiculed the claims of the 
government of his country about the existence of weapons of mass destruction 
in Iraq."

This was utter fabrication; Penn's publicist and allies immediately
issued corrections. See:

The Iraqi regime is pathologically addicted to brazen lying, even 
about people who are advancing their campaign against U.S action,
who they really should avoid angering. It seems to be a common problem 
in totalitarian regimes, where the very idea of verifiable "truth" 
about plain facts is discarded. 

Similarly, the insane regime probably thinks that the "unanimous support 
of 11,445,638 Iraqi voters" is a publicity coup. Instead, as much as 
anything else, that result convinces me that something horrific is 
happening in Iraq, and we must do something dramatic to end the Baathist 

- Gordon