Public Domain Doomed

Luis Villa
15 Jan 2003 14:32:52 -0500

I still want the t-shirt (suggested but sadly not drawn by raph levien)
featuring mickey mouse stomping on some diamonds, with the caption
'screw diamonds, copyrights are forever'.


On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 14:26, Tom wrote:
> I just read this up on slashrot. the Supreme Court gave a 7-2
> decison to lock in long term copyright controls.
> All the works that should have fallen into the Public Domain are now
> locked out of the PD for a lifetime or two.
> Disney has been a major force in pushing this through. Its more important
> to them to keep control of the Rat than for our country to have a rich and
> vibrant public domain as envisoned by Jefferson et. al.
> A tip of the slave hat to Sonny Bono for his great works in shackling
> works.
> So the companys keep thier works and the Public Domain is locked up.
> "Aint that america something to seee
> little pink houses for you and me"  jcm