For Marx Geeks ... RE: Marx Without the Realism

Al Diablito
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:24:10 -0500

Marx was
>fully aware that capitalism works, and works
>with surprising efficiency.

Yes, he did see it as an improvement on feudal societies and had more 
positive to say about capitalism's evolutionary value than most 
conservatives would ever admit. However, I don't think he thought that it 
"worked" in the sense of improving the lot of the vast majority of humanity 
on the scale that is necessary and technologically possible. He knew that 
it, like Ourobouros, would eventually eat itself due to its own 
contradictions. Right now, it is going through one of the cyclical crises 
that it has always gone through, despite claims by the Fukuyama, MSNBC, Bob 
Samuelson, Thomas Friedman cheerleader types that "history ended" or that 
current economic situations should only be discussed in post-WW2 terms.

>I've been impressed with John Hall's comments
>in this thread. In most venues where there are
>conservatives, I get lambasted as a pinko when
>I try to explain Marx. They often attribute to
>him the views of leftists that have a more
>straightforward and fallacious reaction to

I agree. It is quite a relief compared to arguing with 
Limbaugh/O'Reilly-worshipping meatheads. Thank you, Jon.

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