Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight

Al Diablito
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 17:55:46 -0500

>>and I think that all soldiers are cannon fodder.
>You are absolutely, unequivocably incorrect.

I am not saying that from the perspective that military leaders are 
cold-hearted zombies, but that the corporate/war system itself utilizes them 
in such a way. While I have no doubt that there are many people within the 
military concerned to the utmost about their troops, this is not the bottom 
line for defense companies and oil companies.

>Now, you certainly don't believe that American soldiers, the topic of>your 
>comment, are being slaughtered in the tens of thousands to serv
>our need for oil--at least you don't if you live in the real world,

I don't assume that they will. Considering the way that this war is being 
planned and the possibility that it may spread far beyond the borders of 
Iraq, I don't think anyone should rule it out. And, yes, of course, they are 
being sent over there for oil and geostrategic maneuvering, not because of 
this WMD nonsense. Of course, I live in the real world. Anyone who thinks 
this war is not about oil clearly does not.

>This sort of intellectual and rhetorical dishonesty is the reason that
>most Americans find the modern left so unworthy of respect.

How am I being dishonest? I don't take back anything I said. Left is a big 
place. Most Americans find much of the right as unworthy of respect as they 
do the phony mainstream left of Clinton, Carville, etc. Note the 2000 

>the reason that you've ended up killfiled. >

What the hell does that mean? Is that a word? I don't feel "killfiled"! In 
fact, I've had a pretty good day!

You on the other hand sound pretty grumpy.
Cheer up, bucko! ;)

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