Re[2]: Cannon Fodder
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 18:27:39 -0500

AD> Solid post. I agree. Note that not one member of the House or Senate has a 
AD> child in the military.


Tim Johnson has a son who is in the Airborne.

1 sucks however and we need more Congresscritters and such to feel the

AD>  Bush's daughters and nieces are too busy forging 
AD> prescriptions and drinking underage (oops, they're 21, I forgot, Party On, 
AD> Jenna!) to serve. Last time I checked, women could serve. C'mon ladies!

>>Unless I miss the mark here, I think of of the core things about being in
>>the armed forces is that you are willing to lay it all on the line to
>>defend your country.
>>In a way this does make all personel cannon fodder.
>>They are placing thier life and purpose in the hands of thier higher ups.
>>If thier higher ups are dinkum thinkums then they wont sqaunder thier
>>Its the deal your signing up for when you join up.
>>Now, having said this, I hold the mythical/legendary Patton quote for use
>>of the lives in the armed service..that being you win wars not by dying
>>for your country but by making the other poor shcmuck die for thiers..
>>If there is a fight going down and wepons are being used then each and
>>every person in that field are putting thier lives on the line. Maximize
>>utility with minimal casulities is what the goal is.
>>Thats the cold bottom line thoughts. The emotional ones are that no one
>>should ever have to do this, feel it nessecary to , or find themselves in
>>such a mess.
>>I think my dad had it right when he told a much younger me that wars would
>>best be fought by  goverment officals and not drafted armed forces. You
>>would see peace breaking out all over the place.

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