Cannon Fodder

James Rogers
16 Jan 2003 16:35:50 -0800

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 15:06, Al Diablito wrote:
> Solid post. I agree. Note that not one member of the House or Senate has a 
> child in the military. 

This is a meaningless observation. Next you'll note that not one member
of the House or Senate has a child who is a short-order cook or
janitor.  The bastards!

And why should they serve in the military?  It is a professional
military, we don't have a universal impress, so the only people who are
there are people who decided they wanted to be there.  I wouldn't
recommend it for many people anyway.  What is your solution, to force
the children of Congressmen to join the Marine Corps?

> Last time I checked, women could serve. C'mon ladies!

I'd rather they didn't. Most of the women in the US military are dead
weight (no pun intended). The standards for female performance are
markedly lower from top to bottom, and even where the standards aren't
different on paper they are in practice.  Sadly, this means that the
small percentage of women that really can meet the full standards and
kick ass are lost in a sea of women who can't and get painted with the
brush of the less qualified women.

This is actually a really good example of where the rubber of social
engineering meets the road of reality, as a lot of experimentation has
been done in this regard.  The only time gender integration has ever
really worked out for the military is when the military is truly
gender-neutral and makes no distinction between genders.  I've trained
with a foreign combat unit that was such an experiment, and I have to
say that it works out pretty well and the women are every bit as
competent as the men on average. Naturally, it took some adjustment for
both the men and women to work and live together in a military
environment that does not make gender distinctions in quarters,
equipment, facilities, etc.  But it did work.

The problem is that most of these experiments do not meet social
engineering goals of the bureaucrats that implement them in the first
place.  When true gender neutrality and identical standards are
implemented, the percentage of females in those military units drops to
about 5% in most cases that I'm aware of, whereas the social engineering
target is 15-20% for most western militaries.  So to meet these quotas,
they drop the standards for the women again until they can get the
socially acceptable mix.

While I know of a few cases where experimentation with full
gender-neutral integration military units were implemented in modern
western militaries, they rarely survived political meddling even when
the results were favorable by any standard I'd use.


-James Rogers