Zope is Evil

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Fri, 17 Jan 2003 08:26:15 -0800

Check this out very funny. (a link from Titus Brown's site):


4am, Tuesday, May 16, 2000:

This is a silly document I wrote one night after yet another frustrating day
dealing with badly written open source programs. The primary metaphor to
hold (firmly) in your mind is that of Adventure: remember? "You are in a
maze of twisty little passages, all alike."

I was moved to write this directly by considerations of Zope that flitted
through my mind as I was trying to integrate Zope with PyWX. In particular,
what recurringly traveled at high velocities through my gray matter was the
thought, "This sucks."

You can either share my pain by following the path outlined below, which
started with me trying to find some documentation on how things actually
worked and ended in me weeping, or you can just skip right to the bottom.

Note that I had already decided the Zope was evil long before looking into
this. Now I was merely trying to figure out how it worked well enough to
connect to it from a program that the Zope developers didn't write. long
story short: this is impossible, no matter how many chickens you sacrifice.

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