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Aidan Kehoe Aidan Kehoe <>
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 16:25:52 +0000 (GMT)

 Ar an 17ú lá de mí 1, scríobh Gregory Alan Bolcer :

 > The problem has always been one of retention.  How do you retain
 > the best and brightest with as little as possible.

You take the Prussian route; try to take over the world, be pretty
successful at it, and the best and brightest will stay with you,
because the job is interesting. 

Realistically, that's not an option today. Umm, alternatives; the
technocracy that seems all-prevasive is a pretty decent substitute, as
these things go. But, it doesn't really offer the "best and
brightest," the same opportunity to conclusively demonstrate how
obsolete an orthodoxy was that a war does. So you have an awful lot of
Billy Mitchells and very few Guderians. 

"I have heard the swelling cry of the English speaking peoples of the
world, and it tells me their cause is served best by flaming the few
complacent asses on usenet." -- T. Samant, 29 June 1997