Murky clarity

Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:31:30 -0500 (EST)

What would be the trigger to have the big nations fall in to Bushes war

A few empty shells? Nope, thats going to only show that one incident and
will most likely push for more inspections.

A working factory for WMDs? Not likely to be found, but if it were and the
Iraqis bowed to its destruction then it would once again prove the
insepctions work and need to be further backed.

Nope, what is needed here for a mass consensus for war will either be
several "findings" and outright refusal of Iraq to comply with the UN
rules, or another terrorist strike.

For the first, if Iraq steps up the "americans will be defeated on the
walls of bagdad" and a few more sites are found then even the staunches
supporters of a peaceful resolution will join the dance, however

For the second, ugh. All the war protests and marches wont do a bit of
good, the die will be cast.

Which brings us back to the last issue of The Thresher
( ), operation northwind, and moments of historic
flash fires.

This is the part of the ride that gets bumpy.